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Ecolani Sun Protection

Ecolani Products
ECOLANI is a line of special skin and sun care products carefully developed by Dr. Lani Simpson to be chemical free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic and ecologically friendly. We use only the finest, natural ingredients, and all ECOLANI products are coral reef safe.

Ecolani skin care products are revolutionary in the industry. Made from totally chemical-free oils, lotions, and after sun aloes, ECOLANI's formulations provide the most exotic, safe, and effective hypo-allergenic skin care line available. Only the finest ingredients are used in our formulations.

Natural sunscreens and high quality natural ingredients have been around for years. They are not widely used because of the expense compared to traditional chemical products. Prior to ECOLANI no totally chemical-free lotions were on the market because there was no way to emulsify the natural ingredients. In fact, most products that claim to be 100% natural still use chemical emulsifiers.

A special machine that has a United States Patent Pending was developed to help mix the fine natural ingredients together in a unique blending process. The machine utilizes four tanks, and forces the ingredients back and forth to allow emulsification. The product can only be made in small batches of 80 gallons at a time, compared to thousands of gallons at large traditional fill plants.


Drug companies would love for us to use SPF 45, good for their business and bad for your health!

Everyone has a different skin type. Your burn protection and safe tan promotion requirements are individual.  Use this chart to help determine which products are best suited to your individual needs.  While prolonged sun exposure is damaging to the skin, light tanning is considered by some experts to be protective.   If you are in question as to which SPF to use for protection always use the higher SPF.  Remember to apply the sunscreen correctly by laying it on the skin, waiting 20-30 seconds, then stroking it on lightly.  Sunscreens should never be rubbed in.  Please follow our guidelines below and take care of your skin. If you are on sand, snow or water you will require higher than normal protection.  See Ecolani's page on sun exposure for more information.


from burning
safer tanning
Always burns easily, never tans, extremely sun-sensitive skin SPF 25
SPF 15
SPF 15
Rehydrating Lotion & Recovery Gel
Usually burns, tans slightly, somewhat sun-sensitive skin SPF 15 SPF 8
Rehydrating Lotion & Recovery Gel
Sometimes burns, usually tans, sun-tolerant skin SPF 15
Rehydrating Lotion & Recovery Gel
Rarely burns, always tans, sun-insensitive skin SPF 8
Massage Oil

(Use SPF 4 or SPF 8 over oil on any sensitive areas)

Rehydrating Lotion & Recovery Gel
Recommendations for all skin types Use on most sensitive areas, and places with thin skin - close to the bone: face, shoulders, behind knees, shins, top of feet, sternum (women), and anywhere else you know you burn easily.

Use on most of the body having thicker skin with "meat" between the skin and bone, and wherever you know you have good sun tolerance.


Use our fine oils sparingly -- a little bit goes a long way!
Use Rejuvenating Lotion daily on body and face to moisturize and replenish the skin.  For proper application, “lay” Rejuvenating Lotion liberally on the skin, and gently smooth on skin after 60 seconds.

It is important to have our Recovery Gel as part of your skin care system, so you will have it available to apply for any degree of burning.  It should always be applied before using our Rejuvenating Lotion after even a light sun burn.

Repeat this process BEFORE and AFTER any significant sun exposure!

Ingredient Comparison:

Did you know estrogenic chemicals are in most sunscreens? As you go over the chart, keep this in mind: When applied to breast cancer cells in vitro (test tubes) the following chemicals increased cancer cell proliferation/growth:
  • Benzophenone-3
  • Homosalate
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate
  • 4 Methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC)
  • Ocryl-dimethyl-PABA

[Source: Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 109, Number 3, March 2001, In Vitro and in Vivo Estrogenicity of UV Screens, Margaret Schlumpf, Beata Cotton, Marianne Conscience, Vreni Haller, Beate Steinmann, and Walter Lichtensteiger]

There are additional chemicals being studied presently with additional findings of more chemicals in sunscreens that are estrogenic. When this new study comes out, they will be listed on this website.

Recently, a new SPF 60 was released on the market following an age old tradition in this country that “more is better”. Drug companies like us to believe that the higher the SPF the higher the protection. Studies have shown that these chemicals absorb through the skin and into the blood which in turn may cause even more damage than the sun.

CORAL REEF SAFE & Hypoallergenic

Chemical Synthetic Sunscreen

 There are over 25 chemicals used in sunscreen products.  Those listed above are a few of the most common.  

Chemical Free Active Ingredient


Chemical Emulsifiers/Fillers

Natural Stabalizers
  • Vegetable emulsifiers extracted from the Mountain Ash Tree and mushrooms

Chemical Preservatives

many are formaldehyde deriviatives)

Natural Preservatives

Petroleum By-Products

Organic Essential Oils

These essential oils moisturize and rehydrate the skin and naturally contain vitamins A, B, C, & D 


ECOLANI  - light natural fragrance
  • Rose Hip oil extract - 100% chemical free!


Customer Testimonials:

“None of the ECOLANI products is greasy at all - hard to find in a good lotion, and doubly hard for sunscreen. The scent is subtle, and the protection is sound. It's one of the few environmental sacrifices that isn't a sacrifice at all.”

“The Recovery Gel works like magic on burns, including a large second degree burn I received from barbequing.”

"Great product! I use SPF 25 while surfing, and it's the best thing I've tried . . . it's REEF SAFE so it doesn’t harm the environment.”

After ordering 14 bottles for personal use - “This is the first lotion and sun care product that has not made my skin break out."

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