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You are here: Home » Alternative Therapy » Manual Healing & Complementary Therapy » Magnetic Therapy » Frequently Asked Questions About Magnets!

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnets!

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnets!

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It helps to speed the healing process and improve quality of sleep without any adverse side effects. Whether used independently or as an adjunct to your current treatment, magnetic therapy is very effective for the relief of discomfort due to joint and muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Over the centuries, it has been well documented that many cultures, including the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians, have applied magnets to relieve pain and other symptoms. However, the size and weight of the magnets existing during that time, made them difficult to use. Today, smaller and stronger magnetic materials have led to the application of modern day magnetic therapy products used by over 120 million people worldwide.

Clinical studies in the United States have shown magnetic therapy to be an effective method for relieving pain and discomfort. Japan and many eastern European countries have conducted studies for over 30 years, and researchers continue to find that it provides tremendous benefits for a wide range of conditions. Physicians in the United States using magnetic therapy in their practices have reported many case histories showing positive benefits for their patients as well.

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How does magnetic therapy work?

All physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro-chemicals (ions) within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positively charged ions move to the affected area, causing pain and swelling. In order for healing to take place, the injured site must be restored to its natural negative electromagnetic charge. Pain and inflammatory-related electro-chemicals must be removed and oxygen and nutrients transferred to the area.

The application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance. The magnetic field relaxes capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues, allowing for increased blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the injury site, while pain and inflammatory-related electro-chemicals are more efficiently removed. The overall process restores the normal electromagnetic balance of the area, relieving pain and inflammation, and promoting accelerated healing.

Individual response time will vary, and can range from a few minutes, to a few weeks. The effectiveness of magnetic therapy is dependent upon using the correct magnetic products, the length of time they are applied, and the type and severity of the problem.

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Is magnetic therapy safe?

Yes, magnetic therapy is safe. No complications have ever been reported with its proper use. Magnetic therapy products use magnets that when applied to the body, have positive therapeutic benefits.

There are certain conditions where magnet therapy should not be used. Magnetic therapy should not be used if you are wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or any other implanted electro-medical device, and should not be used if you are pregnant.

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Do magnetic therapy products generate the same magnetic fields as power lines and other electrical devices?

The electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical appliances are a very different type of magnetic field, and have no relation to the natural, healing fields produced by Therion's magnetic products.

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How effective can magnetic therapy be?

According to most experts in the field, if magnetic therapy products are designed and used properly they can be 80%-90% effective. The problem is that Biomagnetics is a far more complex science than most people realize, so knowing how to accomplish this is no easy task and requires highly specialized engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

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What determines the effectiveness of a magnetic therapy product?

To be effective, a magnetic therapy product must produce a magnetic field of sufficient strength and size at the site of the injury or affected area. The problem is that the strength of a magnetic field drops off rapidly as the distance from the magnet increases, and an injured area can be several inches below the surface of the skin. If the product is not properly designed, the field could easily drop below therapeutic levels before it even reaches the injury site, and the product would then be ineffective.

Companies that provide insufficient product information, and incorrectly use the gauss rating of magnets to indicate the strength of their products compound the problem. The manufacturer's gauss rating of a magnet indicates the amount of magnetic energy (residual induction) that the magnetic material can hold, but alone is not an indication of the strength of the magnet.

Since the gauss rating is identical for all magnets made of the same material, regardless of the size or number of magnets, products using smaller and fewer numbers of magnets are made to appear more effective than they really are.

To be therapeutically effective, a magnetic field must penetrate the injured area at a high enough gauss strength. There is no way to tell if the magnetic field is strong enough just by knowing the gauss rating of the magnets.

The mass (surface area and thickness) of the magnets, the number of magnets, the polarity facing the body and the gauss rating of the magnets used, all determine the strength and penetration depth of the magnetic field produced by a magnetic therapy product.

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Aren't all magnetic therapy products the same?

No they are not. Most products on the market use magnets that are too small, too few in number, and/or insufficient in strength to provide any real benefit.

The polarity of the magnets is a very important issue. Many products contain magnets that are facing the wrong way (the south - or positive - polarity is facing the body), which will increase, not decrease discomfort.

There are also products that are improperly using bipolar magnets (both north and south poles on the same surface) in products like mattress pads. This is completely against recommended protocols, and can increase discomfort.

Therion® products are manufactured in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards. Designed by experts in the field of biomagnetics and complementary medicine, Therion products combine patented technologies and new engineering methods. They provide maximum effectiveness while eliminating the problems common with other magnetic therapy products.

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Why are Therion Products so much more effective?

Therion uses large, high-energy, research grade magnets and places more of them in each product. This ensures a strong magnetic field surrounds and penetrates the affected area.

In addition to greater magnetic effectiveness, specialized therapeutic cushioning and support materials are used to provide enhanced therapeutic benefits and the highest level of comfort.

Therion products use Maximum Field IntegrationTM, a technique that uses a combination of large, bio-north ceramic and neodymium magnets placed close together. Stronger therapeutic fields are created, intersecting at different angles. The generated fields completely penetrate the affected area, providing maximum relief while reducing healing time. MFI renders Therion products substantially more effective than any other magnetic products currently available.

The therapeutic benefits that result from proper and regular use of Therion's biomagnetic products include:

  • Enhanced relief of discomfort and inflammation
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Accelerated natural healing
  • Prevention of further injury
  • More restful sleep
  • General improvement in well-being

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