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You are here: Home » Home Healthcare » First Aid & Thermometers » Omron Thermometer FAQ's

Omron Thermometer FAQ's

Omron Thermometer Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Omron's Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer:

Can Gentle Temp be used if my child is suffering from an ear infection?

Do not use Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer in an infected ear.

The value measured by Gentle Temp is different each time. What is the reason for this?

The following are the possible reasons:

You do not always insert the probe in the same way. Confirm that you are inserting the probe correctly.(See the instruction booklet in package)
The probe cover soiled. Replace with a fresh, clean probe cover.
The ear canal is blocked with earwax. Clean the ears before taking a temperature.

Is it possible to use the Gentle Temp without the probe cover attached?

The probe cover is absolutely necessary to prevent infection by pathogenic bacteria or viruses and also to protect the probe. Be sure to attach a new probe cover prior to use. If you have used them all, you can purchase additional probe covers separately at stores that sell Gentle Temp.

Regarding Omron's Model MC-101 Thermometer:

How much time does the thermometer need to take a temperature?

In general, the thermometer measures temperature in one minute or less.

Does the thermometer require more time for an axillary (under the arm) temperature compared to oral or rectal temperatures?

Yes, axillary temperatures may take longer than oral or rectal temperatures because the thermometer isn't enclosed in a body cavity. A digital thermometer may take longer than sixty seconds as is usual with an oral or rectal temperature may shift under the arm and register a temperature change.

Why might this take thermometer take longer to measure than other thermometers?

Different thermometers have different stabilization points. This thermometer may be more sensitive to temperature change than other thermometers. The result is a more accurate temperature.

Do results obtained when measuring the temperature in the ear differ from the results obtained by traditional methods?

Yes, the results obtained can deviate from those obtained by traditional measuring methods- but there is no cause for anxiety. It is understandable that you should make comparisons with the methods of temperature measurement you are most familiar with , and the results obtained using these methods. Nevertheless, you should not use these values as a benchmark, as it is possible in principle for the temperature recorded to vary according to where it is taken. Whereas, for example, results of oral, axillary(under the arm) and rectal measurements are affected by saliva, moisture, and heat from the skin.

What is a basal thermometer and why do I need one? Won't my normal fever thermometer work?

The term "basal" means "at rest" and "basal body temperature" refers to your body temperature at rest. Natural Family Planning users typically take their temperature at the same time upon rising in the morning -- before they have eaten, exerted themselves etc. NFP techniques evaluate changes in basal temperature to determine when ovulation has taken place.

Fever thermometers are not accurate enough to be used with NFP, as a change of as little as 1/10th of a degree Fahrenheit (1/20th of a degree Celsius) can have an impact upon fertility prediction. Different types of basal thermometers are available, including both the mercury type and the new digital variety. We recommend the digital basal thermometer, due to its ability to read your temperature in less than a minute.

Do temperatures vary by location?

Yes, temperatures measured in the ear are usually a little higher than axillary (under the arm) readings and a little lower than rectal readings.

How does the ear thermometer work?

The reading is made by measuring the temperature of the infrared heat given off by the eardrum and surrounding tissues. Then, the thermometer converts this temperature into oral or rectal temperature.

Can ear thermometers be used for infants?

Yes, however when taking the temperature of infants, it must be noted that an infant's ear canal is shorter and more S-shaped providing less of a direct line to the eardrum than an older child or an adult. Proper technique and practice are the keys to accurate temperature measurement.
Simply do the following:
Insert the ear thermometer probe straight into the ear as far as it will go until it completely seals off the ear canal. Gently pull the ear up and back to straighten the ear canal. You may wiggle the thermometer left or right to make a secure seal. Press the 'ON' button to begin measurement.

Is a temperature of 98.6 F. 'normal' all the time for everyone?
A person's 'normal' temperature is affected by many things such as their gender, the time of day the temperature is measured, recent activity, even crying. You should consider 'ranges of normal', just as you do for height, weight, and blood pressure. Depending upon the age group, temperatures can range from 95 to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the major advantage that ear thermometers have in relation to digital or mercury thermometers ?

Time is the key advantage. Ear thermometers can record measurements in a matter of seconds compared to the digital which can take as long as a minute or more.

Do I need to continue to use a probe cover for the ear thermometer?

Yes, for a couple of reasons. First, for sanitary reasons, it is recommended to change the probe cover after each use. Clean the Lens Cover when it is attached to the thermometer by using a soft cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Secondly, to ensure accurate measurements, keep the Safety Probe Lens clean and free of scratches. Fingerprints, ear wax or dirt will impede accuracy of the thermometer.

What if I have a question about an Omron Thermometer that is not answered here?

Please feel free to contact with your question via Human Click, e-mail or call us at 1-919-844-9402.

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