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You are here: Home » eGM Resources » Health Information & Resources Portal|Home » RX Drug List (listed alphabetically) » Drug Reference (C's) » Cromolyn Sodium


Chemically, cromolyn sodium is the disodium salt of 1,3-bis (2-carboxychromon-5-yloxy)-2-hydroxypropane. The empirical formula is C23H14Na2O11; the molecular weight is 512.34.

Gelatin Capsules

Each gelatin capsule of Gastrocrom (cromolyn sodium, USP) contains 100 mg cromolyn sodium. Cromolyn sodium is a hygroscopic, white powder having little odor. It may leave a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is soluble in water (1 proof in 20) and the resulting solution is neutral. It is intended for oral use.

Pharmacologic Category: Mast cell stabilizer

Therapeutic Category: Antiallergic

Capsules for Inhalation, Inhalation Aerosol, and Inhalation Solution

The active ingredient is cromolyn sodium, USP. It is an inhaled anti-inflammatory agent for the preventive management of asthma. Cromolyn sodium is a water-soluble, odorless, white, hydrated crystalline powder. It is tasteless at first, but leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Capsules for Inhalation: Each cromolyn sodium for inhalation capsule contains 20 mg cromolyn sodium and 20 mg lactose. The contents of the capsule are intended for inhalation use only, with the Spinhaler turbo-inhaler.

Inhalation Aerosol: Cromolyn sodium Inhaler is a metered dose aerosol unit for oral inhalation containing micronized cromolyn sodium, sorbitan trioleate with dichlorotetrafluoroethane and dichlorodifluoromethane as propellants. Each metered inhalation delivers approximately 800 mcg cromolyn sodium through the mouthpiece to the patient. Each 8.1 g canister delivers at least 112 metered inhalations (56 doses); each 14.2 g canister delivers at least 200 metered inhalations (100 doses).

Inhalation Solution: Cromolyn sodium inhalation solution is clear, colorless, sterile, and has a target pH of 5.5.

Each 2 ml ampule of Intal Nebulizer Solution contains 20 mg cromolyn sodium, USP, in purified water.

Nasal Solution

Each milliliter of Nasalcrom Nasal Solution contains 40 mg cromolyn sodium in purified water with 0.01% benzalkonium chloride to preserve and 0.01% EDTA (edetate disodium) to stabilize the solution. Cromolyn sodium nasal solution possesses a natural pH of 4.5-6.5 and negligible titratable acidity.

Pharmacologic Category: Mast cell stabilizer/antiallergic.

Therapeutic Category: Antiallergic.

After priming the delivery system for Nasalcrom, each actuation of the unit delivers a metered spray containing 5.2 mg of cromolyn sodium. The contents of one bottle delivers at least 100 sprays (13 ml bottle) or 200 sprays (26 ml bottle).


CATEGORIES: Allergies; Asthma; Bronchospasm; Conjunctivitis; Mastocytosis; Obstruction, Airway; Rhinitis; Pregnancy Category B; FDA Approved 1973 Jun; WHO Formulary; Orphan Drugs

FDA Drug Class: Antiasthmatics/Broncodilators; Nasal Decongestants; Ophthalmics, Miscellaneous; Ophthalmics-Decongestants/Antiallergy Ag

BRAND NAMES: Alecrom; Alerbul Nasal; Alerbul Oftalmico; Allergo-comod; Allergocrom; Clesin; Colimune; Cromal-5 Inhaler; Cromo-Asma; Cromogen; Cromoglicic Acid; Cromogloz; Cromolyn; Cromoptic; Cromunal; Cronase; Dadcrome; Fintal; Fivent; Frenal; Gastrocrom; Hay-Crom; Ifiral; Inostral; Intal; Intal Forte; Lomudal; Lomudal Gastrointestinum; Lomudal Nasal; Lomudal Nesespray; Lomupren; Lomupren-Nasenspray; Lomusol; Lomusol Forte; Lomusol Nasenspray; Maxicrom; Nalcrom; Nasalcrom; Nazotral; Opticrom; Opticron; Rynacrom; Rynacrom M; Vicrom; Vistacrom; Vividrin
(Foreign brand names outside U.S. in italics)

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